Having fun is a profession

Having fun makes a difference

The best rehearsal rooms in Padova and a recording studio optimised for all your needs. Professionalism is guaranteed, but it's the passion for your job that makes everything more enjoyable. We do it because it’s what we love!

Recording directly from the rehearsal room


Do you think your band is still not ready to record new tracks, but you want to know
where you are at? The multitrack recording, directly from the rehearsal room, is what you need!

What are you looking for?


We bring your ideas to life, thanks to high quality equipment and rooms designed to deliver the best results.


Recording, editing and mixing of advertisements, audio books, documentaries and much more.

Rehearsal rooms

Welcoming and professional, our rooms offer the very best that a musician can expect, to rehearse with his band.


Would you like to make your promotional message more captivating? We sample and produce customised jingles.


We never overlook the details! We offer assistance in perfecting your tracks in arrangements and diction.

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